With fall in full swing, it’s time to get ready for the holidays! With so many gatherings to attend and days to celebrate you probably want to always look flawless. Luckily, Celebrity Stylist Leonardo Rocco shared with us amazing ideas to keep your hair healthy and looking like a star during the festivities.

Fin below five hair tips from Leonardo Rocco:

1 – Nourish your hair with all it needs!

The constant use of heat and styling tools can play quite a number of your hair causing significant damage. To get you holiday-ready and give your damaged hair the nourishment it needs,  Leonardo recommends Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner. “Both shampoo and conditioner are ideal for restoring damaged hair. It’s fundamental to always use both coconut infused products, to leave your hair looking shiny and amazing because coconut oil helps to reduce breakage and enhance shine. Remember: when applying the shampoo onto our scalp, softly massaging it before moving out to the ends. To apply the conditioner: start about two inches from the roots and apply towards the ends. It’s not necessary to apply conditioner to the scalp, however, this collection will help fully restore your hair.”

2 – Tame your stubborn flyaways

As the temperature drops some of us suffer from a number of beauty woes including frizz. Rocco’s solution to help keep this issue in check is applying a nourishing moisturizing cream on wet hair before blow-drying. The stylist personally likes the Sleek Anti-Frizz Smooth & Shine Cream,  “because the silk protein and vitamin E works to calm frizz.  So if you get flyaways, this is going to make your hair look natural, hydrated and healthier, and keep it in place for much longer without any frizz. I recommend using the cream after shampoo and conditioner to provide ultimate results.”

3– Change it up!

Nothing brings hair back to life like a fresh cut! It’s also a great opportunity to change or refresh your look right before the holidays ahead. Rocco says, “I always recommend changing up your haircut in the fall. And for this season, I have three different cuts to keep in mind—pick the one that best fits your style or personality and allow yourself to see all you can do with your hair. If you love your length, you can incorporate some layers to add flair.  Create an easy look with the help of a curling iron or a hairdryer and a round brush. Now, if short hair is your thing, a pixie cut or disconnected undercuts are really big right now and combine different lengths, super short on the sides and back and longer on the top. You’ll look great and your personality will shine through. Lastly for those of you who want a change but don’t want to go quite too short: I recommend a shoulder-length bob. It’s still down to your shoulders so it’s shorter—but not extremely short.”

4 – Level up with a Color Upgrade

For those looking to level up with their hair, Leo also proposes switching up your light locks for something darker. “Now let’s talk about colors. During the warmer months, everyone likes lighter colors, but during fall/winter, I always recommend going a little darker.” So what colors are totally in this season? To start, two types of browns: cool chocolates or warm chocolates. Which is best for you depends on your skin tone. Because a lot of Latinos tend to be on the dark to olive end, we typically look great in reddish, golden browns, warmer tones, because they help light up our face. If you have a lighter/fair skin tone, you can try out the cooler chocolates. And if you’re not sure, I recommend seeing your stylist so he or she can help you choose what’s best for you.”

5 – Style and Protect Your Hair Like A Pro

Whether you choose a new cut or color this season, please be sure you protect your hair for the best styling results. Rocco encourages his customers to remember  “it’s best not to use the iron or hairdryer every day and limit washing to two or three times a week at most. When you do use the brush, hairdryer or iron, remember to apply a product that protects your hair from the heat to prevent dryness and keep it shiny.  I always recommend using a styling product that adds volume and shine and helps your hair dry quicker.”