The Russian military is reportedly in a state of chaos over how to best counter Ukraine’s battlefield progress this month leaving Moscow on a defensive mode.

Two sources familiar with both US and Western intelligence told CNN that there have been hints of unusual and dysfunctional command coming from the Russian president himself, Vladimir Putin, dealing a blow on the tactics of the Russian forces lately.

A couple of disagreements have been emerging within the Russian military with leaders disagreeing on where to put their significant efforts first to be able to come up with a better strategy on “defensive lines,” the sources said.

A senior of NATO, on the other hand, mentioned that officials in Moscow are now discussing where Russia has fallen short.

"Kremlin officials and state media pundits have been feverishly discussing the reasons for the failure in Kharkiv and in typical fashion, the Kremlin seems to be attempting to deflect the blame away from Putin and onto the Russian military," the official said.

There has been a reshuffling of military leaders in different posts just to come up with a better response to Kremlin’s battlefield failures and such actions caused an even more tangled line of defense on Russia’s part.

There would be a redeployment of troops in Ukraine where Russia thinks Kyiv had a drastic gain over the past weeks, as per the Russian Military of Defense.

However, US and Western sources said that military groups are to stay in places where Ukraine was able to mount their offensive operations.

The “partial mobilization,” involving the recruitment of some 300,000 reservists, that Putin announced on Wednesday is part of Russia’s new plans to counter the advancements of Ukraine in the war between the two countries.

Apart from this, Putin has also hinted about the use of nuclear weapons amid the so-called “threats” Russia is receiving from the West. But US President Joe Biden and his officials said that such pronouncements are signs of desperation.

Vladimir Putin (RUSSIA OUT) Russian President Vladimir Putin seen during the Navy Day Parade, on July, 31 2022, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. President Vladimir Putin has arrived to Saint Petersburg to review Main Naval Parade involving over 50 military ships on Russia's Navy Day. Photo by Contributor/Getty Images