Chavela Vargas: 5 Singers Who Have Paid Tribute To One Of Latin Music's Biggest Icons [VIDEOS]

Chavela Vargas left her mark in the world and even today, she still continues to be one of Latin America’s biggest icons. During her day, she became famous by singing renditions and songs by legendary ranchera composers like Agustin Lara and Jose Alfredo Jimenez. Today, she continues to influence artists around the world not only in the music industry, but also in film, including Spanish director Pedro Almodovar who has featured her songs in many of his films and considers her music a muse for his work.

In honor of the theatrical release of the movie CHAVELA (Music Box Films), which will be premiering in select markets starting October 6 and in the rest of the U.S. October 13, here is a list of artists who have covered some of her most iconic songs. Which is your favorite?

  • Lila Downs

Lila Downs is known for reviving and maintaining Mexican folklore with her music, clothing and persona. Check out her cover of “Paloma Negra” which she sang during a concert where Chavela Vargas herself was present.

  • Julieta Venegas

In that same concert, the Tijuana-born singer Julieta Venegas had the opportunity to perform “Las Ciudades.”

  • Natalia LaFourcade

Natalia LaFourcade is currently on a mission to let the world know about the singers who influenced her. She recently released the album Musas (Muses) where she gives tribute to legendary singers like Omara Portuondo and is currently touring with Miguel Peña and Juan Carlos Allende (better known as Los Macorinos) as her back-up musicians who first broke on the scene by being Chavela’s own guitar duo during her comeback in the early 2000s. Natalia covered “Piensa En Mi,” a song originally written by Agustin Lara and made even more famous by Chavela.

  •  Eugenia Leon

Longtime fan of Chavela, Eugenia Leon covered one of Chavela’s most famous songs “La Llorona.” She also appears in the film and talks about the struggle Chavela faced during her life for being a lesbian in a society that wouldn’t allow her to express freely that part of herself off of the stage.

  • La Santa Cecilia

The Latin Grammy-winning Angelino band La Santa Cecilia is becoming a powerhouse with their influences of Bolero and honoring of Mexican and Latin American musical roots. Here they cover “En El Ultimo Trago” alongside Eugenia Leon.

You can buy your tickets to watch the inspiring story of Chavela Vargas in select theaters.

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