We have collected the best and cheapest places to visit this year from January 19 to September with the best flights and hotel rates ever! You can enjoy visiting these cities with a low budget and have the time of your life. From Islands to historical places, do not miss these offers. Check out our recommendations and remember 2017 is a great year for traveling.


On Thursday, Jan. 19, Mexican airline Volaris (located in Mexico, USA, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico) offers round-trip flights from $200 to $270 to Guadalajara. With some of the best sightseeing you’ve ever seen, this Mexico State has it all. From Beautiful antiques stores, breathtaking churches and access to the best beaches, this is a perfect spot to start 2017. “Hotel Frances Guadalara” is the cheapest hotel with a $35 rate per night. Isn’t great?

Dominican Republic

By the end of January and beginning of February and then from the first week of March, deals to this beautiful Island start decreasing so you should start planning your next trip. If you get to Santo Domingo you can spend a whole week with only $700. You can stay at “Antiguo Europa Hotel” which is $52 per night. Dollar exchange rate is 48 pesos= $1 and you can enjoy meals at 200 pesos ($4.50).

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is so much more than a summer getaway with the kids. You can go to Orlando and enjoy the new Avatar Park that is being developed at Disney World. The cheapest flight from $159 to $300 Roundtrip on Jetblue is amazing (Feb 4- Feb 14), and you can book a room at the Comfort Inn International for $57. From there you can easily take a bus shuttle or a public bus to the parks and enjoy an amazing experience.

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Flight prices to “La Isla del Encanto” start from $200 to $260 during the low season of May through Mid December, especially from states on the East Coast of the U.S. 


The city of Santiago has a lot to offer. American travelers can enjoy a very cheap list of hotels and food. Even though the Chilean exchange rate is not the greatest, everything there is really cheap.

Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan is one of the most underrated Mexican destinations. Instead of going to Cancun, think about going to this beautiful, affordable destination that could be set as an island for its dimensions and exotic views.  Flights from Mexico City to Mazatlan are as cheap as $55 round trip. The current exchange rate $1 = 20.69 Mexican pesos. It is the shrimp capital of Mexico and a foodie paradise. Some of the Hotels include all-inclusive plans. Our cheapest hotel recommendations are El Cid Marina and Hotel La Siesta where rate are as low as $40 for a night.


Maybe you didn’t know that Morocco is one of the most affordable places to go in all lists for 2017.  Going to this African country from cities such as Lisbon, Madrid and Paris may only set you back $40 to $100 roundtrip with many budget airlines. In this one, typical meals can range from $2.50 to $15 for two, which includes appetizers, entree and unlimited mint tea. When it comes to accommodations, you can find great deals from only $65-$120 per night.


Its beaches are breathtaking as well as its incredible fare and hotel prices. From March to May, you can find amazing deals to fly to this Southern Caribbean Island. One of the best hotels to go is the Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino with rates from $70 to $100 per night.

Québec, Canada

Enjoy the Winter Festival only on January and February and share this with your friends who love Québec. This is the best time for you to take advantage of the weak Canadian dollar and get 25% discount on prices. French food and a lot of activities are waiting for you.


Very low costs, beautiful beaches and many places to explore. Despite the bad news you read about this country on the media, Haiti offers a pleasant stay you can really enjoy with your partner or friends. Enjoy it in May and September at cheap airfare prices. The Marriott Port-au-Prince will only set you back $130 to under $200 a night for larger rooms. But you can also check some other hotels starting at $50 to $150 per night including airport transfers.

Pack your clothes and take your bag to enjoy the well-deserved vacation you have been waiting for. Where do you think you should go?