Allegedly the news of the severity of Chespirito’s illness is totally false and has been exaggerated. Roberto Gomez Bolaños has been struggling with his health but according to his daughter reports have been exaggerated.  Luis Jorge Arnau, director of Chespirito’s group told ‘El Universal,’ “We don’t know where that information came from, he is in his house in Cancún, resting, this week his older daughter is visiting him.”

Precisely Graciela, Chespirito’s daughter was the one to report that her father is doing fine and that he is in peace. “We spoke to her, there are no changes to report, it has been six or seven months since his health has been delicate but nothing complicated or something that an 85 year old person would not have.”

The representative for Chespirito’s group said “He reads, watched the Pumas soccer game, we don’t have much to say because he has been calm. He is stable, he has mobility issues, but he has had that for a little bit over a year.”

Arnau said that maybe the news of the severity of his condition was generated “because maybe someone saw a doctor enter his house for a consultation and they gave the wrong information.”

Gomez Bolaños started his career in the 50s as a screenwriter, his big opportunity came in 1968 when in Independent Television in Mexico had a thirty minute spot once a week and from that came “Los supergenios de la mesa cuadrada” which later opened the door for “El Chapulín Colorado” and “El Chavo del Ocho.”