Javier Hernandez
Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez has scored 16 goals in the current season for United despite limited play. Will he move now that Sir Alex is leaving? Creative Commons

With Alex Ferguson leaving his ubiquitous post as manager at Old Trafford, and Everton boss David Moyes stepping in, the soccer world is abuzz over what will happen to England's top club and its prized roster of talent.

Perhaps no one is more interested, however, than 24-year-old Mexican striker Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez.

Hernandez, a crafty goal-poacher and sixth-highest Mexican national goal scorer, was acquired by the Red Devils in 2010. The former Chivas footballer was poised to partner with popular striker Wayne Rooney, but his potential was stunted with the arrival of Dutch phenom Robin van Persie, who quickly usurped both the Englishman and Mexican by becoming the Premier League's top scorer after arriving at United in 2012.

Hernandez has performed consistently, often rotating with Danny Welbeck in the latter half, but the 2011 Golf Cup top scorer has allegedly expressed frustration with his lack of minutes and third-tier position behind RVP and Rooney. And with Moyes stepping in, rumors that the Scotsman may try to bring in Borussia Dortmund's Robert Lewandowski, ought to be keeping Chicharito's transfer fantasies at the forefront of his mind.

And perhaps there's no more hotly speculated fantasy for football fans than the one reported by the MACHESTER EVENING NEWS on Friday that suggested Hernandez could be the key in a deal with Real Madrid that would put star forward Cristiano Ronaldo back at Old Trafford. Originally United was hoping Real would acquiesce for £65 million (~ $84.6 million) plus Nani. But Real would likely rather hold out for Hernandez whose youth and bright future could help the defending La Liga champions maintain their position after a season dominated by rival Barcelona. And with striker Gonzalo Higuain on his way out the door, Real will be looking for two others to come aboard.

For his part, a move to Real could present, if nothing else, an ironic upturn for Hernandez. The last great Mexican striker to make a name for himself, Hugo Sanchez, did so at the Bernabeu. Perhaps fate is knocking on Chicharito's door.


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