Chilean Band De Mónaco Take Latin Music To Another Level

De Monaco
Chilean Electro Pop Band De Mónaco goes up on the charts and transforms Latin music with a different and interesting sound. Screenshot/YouTube/De Mónaco

“El Siglo De Las Luces” (The Century Of Lights) is the first album by the Chilean Band De Mónaco, which is rising on the charts for its electro pop catchy songs.

De Mónaco's first EP was “Umbrales,” launched in July 2014, and directed by their mentors Pablo Stipicic y Nicolás Alba. The group has followed from their very beginning an instinct of colorful and vivid music and their first work explains it.

De Monaco's three members: Carlos Contreras, Mauricio Cabaña y Bastian Bascuñán, remind us of Alex Syntek circa 1997, but also take us to the most synthetic version of Modjo and Mika with some Latin twist.

“El Siglo De Las Luces” is a masterpiece of electro pop material with 9 songs covered with mist, myth and satisfying sounds that takes Latin music to another level that must be heard.

The compilation is very playable and every song has its own attraction. “Ritual Natural” is catchy and progressive in the best way. “Inalcanzable” is the most up-tempo with textured moments full of qualities and emotions. “Luces” is fun and trailblazing; and “Komorebi” is effortless eclectic with gracious lyrics, perfect as the closing song on the album. Other singles like “Noches y Fortuna” or “Sideral” stay more at the pop side but give us that feel-good rewarding sensation that we usually seek from this kind of music.

This new material is already on Itunes and Spotify. Let’s support the new Latin artists and much more with great LPs like this one.  Unquestionably 9/10. Great Job!

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