Chinese New Year 2018: Meaning Behind Year Of The Dog; When, How To Celebrate

Stories, myths , lion dances, lucky charms, fortune tellers, red lamps, flowers and many dogs will be the stars of the most important holiday in China, Lunar New Year. On February 16, the Chinese calendar rolls into a new year, and many events across the globe are held to welcome a generational tradition to attract health, wealth and good relationships, and also to honor ancestors.

Even though the Lunar Year is celebrated in countries that have an important Chinese population including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mauritius, Australia, and the Philippines, the festivity is observed worldwide.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2018 is the Year of the Dog, meaning that those born in 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, and 2018  are represented by canines, which happens to be the eleventh position of all zodiac animals. The Asian astrology establishes that our personality is based on that animal, in that order; people born in the Year of the Dog are described as independent, sincere, communicative and loyal. The next Year of the Dog will be in 2030, and then in 2042.

The Dog is associated with the Earthly Branch, the hours 7–9 in the evening, prosperous wealth and the Chinese philosophy represents the yang, meaning that it's positive, active, male, principle in nature, the sun, that is in relief and open; overt, that belongs to this world, and much more.

The zodiac says that if a man is "born in the Dog year" they "are straightforward and genuine. They are energetic, though they’re more pessimistic inside. Very opinionated, they’re always ready to correct others and defend their stance. It’s not that they want to show off. They just feel it’s necessary to help others realize their mistakes. These men care deeply for their family."

"Their stubbornness fades in the face of their loved ones. They work to understand and compromise, resulting in a harmonious family life."

If a woman is born in the Dog year means they "are very cautious. They are indifferent towards people they don’t like, and don’t trust easily. But once they do, it’s permanent. They are intensely protective of their friends and family. They are genial and independent. They love outdoor activities and being in nature. However, they are also hard workers and don’t give up until they succeed. Security and a stable income are her requirements for a career." 

Having your fortunes told during the Lunar Year is a common practice, as reported by Time, with the use of Kau Chim, or divination sticks people in Hong Kong expect to have an idea of how their future will be. It’s very simple to know your oracle, by asking the question in your mind and holding a bamboo cup or tube, named Pinyin, filled with 100 flat sticks with numbers written in Arabic numerals and Chinese characters.

It doesn’t matter what your question is, according to the tradition, the sticks can provide religious guidance for the believers. The fortune telling practice during Lunar Year draws thousands to millions of people each year to temples, but in modern times there’s also a kau cim mobile application available.

It's been reported that the lucky colors for Dogs are green, red, purple; the numbers: 3, 4, 9. Their mineral is emerald, and their directions of auspiciousness are north and northwest, directions of wealth is southeast, and the directions of love straight to the south. Within the unlucky things, the colors blue and brown; numbers: 1, 7, 8.

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