“Avengers: Endgame” has proven to be a colossal cinematic achievement, but it’s also a farewell of sorts to some “Avengers” cast members. And it may seem like a complete absurdity, but Chris Hemsworth is hanging up the hammer and Marvel needs someone to play Thor. 

Hemsworth himself reveals he won't be playing the iconic superhero after filming his final two “Avengers” movie. It’s no secret that people love how Hemsworth embodies the God of Thunder. Unfortunately, like all “marvelous” performances, this eventually will also have to come to an end.

Thor Chris Hemsworth playing as Thor in MCU. Creative Commons by Flickr

But the good news is that another actor will have an opportunity to lift Thor’s Mjolnir in Marvel Studio’s ever-expanding universe. Check these top 10 actors who could be the next Thor in the MCU — are they worthy or not?

1. Tom Hopper

He’s got the “cool” and a pair of enormous biceps and hence would make a good Thor. Hopper rose to stardom after playing Dickon in the “Black Sails” show and cemented his talent when he took the leading role in “The Umbrella Academy.” He has proven himself worthy in the fantasy drama category — so why not a Thor movie?

2. Luke Bracey

The Australian-born actor has been on Hollywood’s radar for quite some time now and is famous for playing roles in “Home And Away” with Hemsworth and the award-winning “Hacksaw Ridge.” Bracey got the jawline and locks that are distinct in Thor’s facial features. 

3. Brad Pitt 

Talking about Norse mythology, it doesn’t hurt to throw in Brad Pitt. He’s got the charm and build to play a blond and ultra-manly Nordic god. Apart from having the physical attributes to play Thor, Pitt is also a proven star who attracts million-dollar movie earnings.

Brad Pitt Actor Brad Pitt has been set to star in a movie based on the book "Law of the Jungle," featuring the battle between the Ecuadorian government and petroleum giant Chevron. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

4. Max Lloyd-Jones

Considered as one of the most versatile actors, Lloyd-Jones got talent and physical features to be the next Thor. He also has an incredible physique that makes him even more suitable for the role.

5. K.J Apa

If MCU is considering a younger version of Thor, then Apa should be a perfect fit. Famous for playing Archie in the “Riverdale” series, Apa has the look and the persona to bring thunder and lightning in the MCU universe.

6. Sam Heughan

Heughan has won a plethora of fans since “Outlander” aired in 2014. His performance as Jamie Fraser is rugged, tough, soft and romantic — which sounds like that of Thor. He is also seen shooting giant muskets in some episodes of “Outlander.”

Charlie Hunnam Charlie Hunnam poses at the premiere of "Pacific Rim" at Dolby theatre in Hollywood, California July 9, 2013. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

7. Charlie Hunnam 

His role in the “Sons Of Anarchy” is very popular within the mainstream pop culture. Charlie has also proven himself to be a box-office star in movies such as the “Pacific Rim” and “King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword.” Hunnam got the face, charm and grit to play MCU’s Mighty Thor. 

8. Travis Fimmel

The actor has a remarkable magnetic screen presence, and this is evident in his portrayal of Ragnar, “Viking’s” main character. Travis Fimmel is a versatile leading man who can hold a sword — imagine him holding a hammer instead.

9. Alexander Ludwig

Famous for his performance in “Vikings,” Ludwig is no stranger to Nordic roles. If Marvel would like to have an actor who looks and acts like a real-life Viking, then Ludwig is definitely the top pick. Playing a Viking role for more than five years, Thor should be an easy character for him to play.

10. Alexander Skarsgard 

The actor’s name itself has this thunderous ring to it. Skarsgard even auditioned for the role but Hemsworth was the ultimately chosen to play the part. Just by looking at Skarsgard physical features, one easily conclude that he is a living embodiment of Thor.

Alexander Skarsgård Alexander Skarsgård poses at the premiere for the fifth season of the HBO television series "True Blood." Reuters