'Clash Of Clans' Cheats: Top Tips, Tricks And Hacks For Android, iOS

Clash of Clans
Best tips, tricks and hacks for the iOS and Android game. Clash of Clans

"Clash of Clans" is a strategy game where players can construct and expand one's village, unlock successively more powerful warriors and defenses, raid and pillage resources from other villages, create and join Clans and much, much more. The mobile game has been available since late 2012 and has remained on both the top charts for Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. Check out these top cheats, tips, tricks and hacks for "Clash of Clans" for iOS and Android:

1. YouTuber Clash of Clans 101 posted a video teaching gamers how to easily acquire free gems without trying to modify the game with a jailbreak, survey or hacks. Check out the video below:

2. Another YouTuber, Clash of Clans Attacks, shared a "royal giveaway" that works for both iOS and Android devices. However, this method requires gamers to download an app after signing up and referring other gamers with net points, which can be exchanged for free gems. Check out the video below:

3. A user of Supercheats also shared his technique of concealing his base to potential attackers. Picable said of the method,

"Make an account and don't talk on global chat and don't build a clan castle. I just started building defenses. I never attacked a thing so far. Once the shield came down a guy attacked me. I won 20 trophies. It's been over 2 weeks and nobody else has attacked me. Maybe I'm lucky since I'm only building defense and since I haven't attacked anybody. I'm now on TH5 20 trophies and still no other attacks. I come online to have my resources still intact. It's like having a permanent shield on."

4. Another user from Supercheats shared a way for gamers to get top-notch barbarians for free. According to the user, gamers will need to maximize their barracks to level eight. Healers will also play a big role on this one and gamers need to buy as much healers as possible. Then, launch an attack sending all the healers and a single barbarian. This way, the barbarian will reach its full potential but the attacker must also win the raid.

5. Again this cheat comes from Supercheats. User Pepedodogta123, revealed another way to net large amounts of gem every day. According to the user, "If you look at your base you'll see lots of rocks , trees etc. When take them off (between 250 to 10000 elixir) you'll win 147 gems."

6. How to get free elixar: For this cheat, you'll need barracks (any level), army camp (any level) and laboratory (any level).

First, choose a troop to upgrade in the laboratory. Let's say Wall Breakers for instance. As the timer gets close to running out on the upgrade, fill up your army camps with any type of troops. Then, fill up all your barracks with whatever troop is about to be finished upgrading (in this case: wall breakers). They will sit in the barracks and not be able to go to the army camp, due to camp’s filled to capacity.

Once the upgrade is completed in the laboratory, sell back the troops (wall breakers) that were sitting in the barracks. You’ll get the upgraded elixir-cost, instead of the cost you originally paid for the wall breakers.

7. Want to know how to save your elixer when your offline? To be able to save your elixer where people won't get that much elixer. Just make sure your camps are full and then fill your barracks up with bombers then you can get offline with like only 100,000 elixer instead of 300,000 elixer. Get back on, then unload your barracks first thing and then you will get all of your elixer back.

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