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After announcing their separation last year at Premios Juventud, music group CNCO has made their acting debut in a new mini series for Disney+ in Latin America.

"4 Ever," which hit the streaming platform on October 11, features the members of the famous boyband – Christopher Vélez as Andy, Erick Brian Colón as Darío, Zabdiel De Jesús as Ciro and Richard Camacho as Ian. Alongside the group will be Puertorican actor Carlos Ponce and Dominican actress Wendy Regalado.

The premise: young musicians Andy, Ian, Ciro, and Darío meet by chance at a restaurant, where they get involved in an unexpected situation: A valuable guitar has just disappeared. To recover it and return it to its owner, they must put together a band," reads the IMDb's the description of the show.

4Ever Trailer

The series will have 5 episodes, each one named after a member of the group. CNCO will also feature three original songs and perform familiar ones from other well-known artists.

"4 Ever" reminisces of how the band came to be. "The good thing about the series is that the writer thought a lot about us because we are obviously beginners. "We are starting this new project, so I think about the characters with certain details about us, about our personal lives," said Veléz in an interview with Tu Música Hoy.

In the same interview, Colón said he saw the acting gig as "a new path because it is the first time we do something like that." "The truth is that we loved it, so if it were up to us we would do a second season, third, and fourth," he added.

The singers described the challenges faced when it came to their lack of experiece acting. "An emotion through a camera, a person you don't know expressing that and making the person who is watching feel that real and genuine, that was challenging," Camacho said.

CNCO was formed on Dec. 13, 2015 in a singing competition called "La Banda" that aired on Univision. The group started off as a five member band – including former member Joel Pimentel DeLeōn – and went on to conquer millions of fans worldwide.

The group has had four members since 2021. They ended the group with a farewell tour called Ultima Cita (Last Date, a reference to their first album which was called Primera Cita (First Date)). Its last show took place on September 6 in Ciudad de Mexico's Auditorio Nacional.

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