Ana Navarro
Ana Navarro Creative Commons

Political commentator and The View co-host Ana Navarro appeared on CNN Newsroom and criticized Latinos who attended Donald Trump's South Bronx rally last week, in which chants of "send them back" could be heard coming from the crowd:

"There are some Latino immigrants who forget they came here as immigrants and who want to shut the door behind them. And who think being anti-immigrant somehow is going to make them pass as more American. And that's a very stupid attitude to have because what folks don't realize is that when the guy drives thousands of miles to go hunt down Latinos in a Walmart in Texas, he doesn't care when you came here, he doesn't care what your accent is."

According to Navarro, members of the demographic who support the Republican presidential candidate are suffering from "amnesia." To back up her claim, she recalled a 2019 mass shooting in El Paso. "What he's looking for is, does it look like me, does is sound like me? That's what he's looking for. So, you know, when people are anti-something, they're not asking for your papers, they're just anti-that group."

Navarro's comments sparked outrage among several Republicans. Speaking to The New York Post, Texas GOP Rep. Mayra Flores said that "she fails to comprehend the struggle, as she does not live paycheck to paycheck," before adding that such criticism "exemplify precisely why Hispanics are flocking to the Republican Party."

Meanwhile, Adam W.A. Solis Sr., co-chairman of the New York Republican Club's Hispanic Caucus, said of Navarro's comments: "we should be focused on discussing how we can come together to revitalize America, not dissect the inner workings of maniacs who only seek to destroy the fabric of our Great Republic."

Navarro, who has been vocal about her position against Donald Trump for a while, also expressed her frustration around Trump gaining ground: "people already know the guy's a misogynist, they already know he's a racist, they already know he says divisive things, and they seem not to take him literally or seriously."

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