Emma Watson
'Harry Potter' star joins cast of 'Colonia'. Reuters

It’s been three months since “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson was honored with the UN Goodwill Ambassador title and not even two weeks since she gave her amazing gender equality speech at the UN, and already she is getting ready for new endeavors. Watson will be joining the cast of the upcoming Chilean political thriller “Colonia,” she will star opposite “Rush” actor, Daniel Bruhl in a film directed by Florian Gallenberger who won a Best short Film Oscar in 2011 for “Quiero ser.”

Watson and Bruhl will portray a German couple, Lena and Daniel, who get embroiled in a series of political troubles in 1973, when Salvador Allende’s democratic regimen comes to an end, giving place for Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship to begin. Daniel then gets arrested and is taken to a place called ‘Colonia Dignidad’ which people think is a safe and charitable place. Instead, the colony is a torture center from which people can’t escape, run by Paul Schäfer. Watson’s character, Lena joins a cult and does everything in her power to track her husband down.

Those were tragic times for the country which resulted in over 35,000 deaths, so it will be interesting to learn more and see where the horror that Chile went through, takes these characters. The movie has started filming and is set for release in September 2015.

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