Scientists believe they are moving one step closer to creating the world's first birth control pill for men. "It would be wonderful to provide couples with a safe alternative because some women cannot take birth control pills," said Gunda Georg, the lead researcher on an investigation to find a male contraceptive. The study is built on previous findings that identified an enzyme used by sperm to get inside the egg; the team of researchers are tweaking some of the compounds in order to achieve "the ultimate balance of solubility, specificity and stability" for an effective method.

Health experts claimed they are looking for a product that has no side effects, as they continue to work on a pill that can be taken orally without affecting a man's sex drive, MNT reports. "One compound that's been studied as a potential male contraceptive is testosterone. "At certain doses it causes infertility," says Jillian Kyzer, a graduate student working on the topic. "But at those doses, it doesn't work for up to 20 percent of men, and it can cause side effects, including weight gain and a decrease in 'good' cholesterol."

The birth control pill for women was created fifty years ago, the medication has been proven to be the most effective form of contraception.