The former “Suits” actress received her title as the Duchess of Sussex a little less than a year, yet her name has already echoed controversies. Newspapers and websites love her fashion sense, but she is always the front page for different reasons. Meghan’s name is regularly linked to controversies, scandals and notably feud gossips with her sister-in-law Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Below are some controversies, confirmed and not confirmed, that Meghan Markle has been involved in since her marriage to the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and reasons why her name is synonymous to controversy.

Breaking Traditions

Meghan might be a commoner, but she is an actress, with African-American descent. This makes her bi-racial, which is a first in the royal family. She is also a self-made millionaire, another first in the royal family. And she is one of the oldest women who got pregnant in the royal family. Clearly, Meghan is breaking traditions within the royal family.

Others observed that Meghan is changing how royalty behaves by breaking rules and showing humility at the same time. Closing the car down herself instead of a valet got a nod from everyone since it showed that she can do things herself even though she is now a royal.

Another record breaker for Meghan is that she is one of the two royal brides who have earned a university degree. Kate Middleton is the first royal bride to have a university education, a master’s in fine arts.

Markle Family Breakdown

It is all over the news around the globe. When the news broke about Meghan and Prince Harry’s engagement, Meghan’s family, particularly her half-siblings, were commenting on almost everything Meghan.

The matter got worse when weeks before the royal wedding Thomas Markle Sr. staged photos, reportedly for a certain amount of money. The duchess’ father went underfire for that, and it triggered a heart attack. Meghan’s father was not able to walk her daughter down the aisle but told the press that he was honored to be replaced by Prince Charles.

Thomas, however, seemingly bridged a gap between him and his royal daughter when he held not one but three tell-all interviews in different media. Thomas shared more than he was asked for and quoted some political statements from Prince Harry, which is prohibited among the royal family.

Until now, Meghan’s dad is telling the public that the duchess had ghosted him.

The family breakdown continues with Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, blastering Meghan with every public appearance. One of the most controversial incidents was when Meghan claimed in a speech that scholarships had helped her in college. Samantha quickly turned to Twitter to fire back at Meghan and told her it was their dad who helped her finish school.

Until now, the turmoil with Meghan and her family continues, but the royal couple is keeping mum on the issues.

Hurricane Meghan?

There were some articles hinting that the royal staff and employees nicknamed Meghan as the “Hurricane.” Numerous articles stated that the nickname was given because of the duchess’ habit of sending messages to all staff and employees every 5 a.m. There were unconfirmed reports that almost every month ever since Meghan took the royal office, employees resign.

The general consensus is that Meghan is quite a difficult person, as claimed by other reports during her wedding preparations. Many claim that she throws feats at her staff.

An Ambitious Woman?

Another ugly news being thrown at her allegedly came from her ex-husband. According to Andrew Morton’s biography, “A Hollywood Princess,” the Duchess of Sussex left her husband when her career in “Suits” took off.

Endless Feud Reports

A cat fight seemed more scandalous, and so it’s the favorite controversy that the media throws at Meghan. It all started when the Duchess of Sussex threw a tantrum that made Kate cry during Princess Charlotte’s fitting.

The rumor never died down, especially after Meghan’s friends organized a baby shower for her and Kate was not around. The feud reports became more vigorous when the palace announced the separation of households between Prince William and Prince Harry.

Off Shoulders And Givenchy Skirt

One of the royal ways to get by is to dress fashionably without showing skin. Meghan often received criticism for not following dress codes. This time, however, it caused a stir in the palace. The first one was when Meghan wore a Carolina Herrera off-shoulder dress during the Trooping the Color ceremony. She was attacked online for wearing such, and people instantly compared her fashion sense to Kate.

Another wardrobe attack she was involved in was the time she wore a Givenchy illusion skirt. The camera flash gave photos at a certain angle that made the illusion that Meghan was wearing a see-through skirt.