When word broke out that Vince McMahon was coming back to the WWE, the wrestling world was taken by storm.

After retiring in July 2020, it was confirmed by his daughter, Stephanie McMahon as well as Nick Khan and Paul “Triple H” Levesque that the ousted WWE CEO would be returning to the company’s board of directors after going through a sexual harassment scandal, CNN reported.

The shocking reinstatement was unsurprisingly not free from further controversy with reports that a WWE shareholder reportedly filed litigation in Delaware's Chancery Court, alleging McMahon illegally used his 81 percent voting control to sweep aside three board members and install loyalists to him, allowing him to put himself back in the chairman seat according to Bloomberg Law.

The lawsuit claims that McMahon forced through changes allowing the 77-year-old to "impose his will on the board and WWE."

Moreso, it appears the mix of talent in the WWE has been affected as well. Some are reportedly uneasy with the development compared to the time when Triple H was calling the shots as head of creative and Stephanie McMahon acting as chairwoman and co-CEO.

Now, some unnamed WWE stars are reportedly confused about the changes and what this would mean for them.

This also comes not long before allegations of a WWE sale made headlines. The promotion was reportedly on the verge of being sold to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) but all this has since been debunked.

When word of a potential sale cropped up, there were allegedly some WWE stars who considered leaving the promotion had the sale materialized.

The PIF, who is chaired by the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, also owns the English Premier League club, Newcastle United and bankrolls LIV Golf, which has been paying huge sums to lure talent away from the PGA.

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon Getty Images | Ethan Miller