Closely following Italy when it comes to the dangerously high death toll and the rising number of people testing positive for coronavirus, Spain is finally witnessing a decline in the pandemic.

Currently, Spain stands at more than 136,000 cases and 13, 341 after registering the lowest number of new coronavirus cases in more than two weeks, on April 6, hinting that the nation-wide lockdown and strict measures have finally started breaking the upward spiral of the pandemic. 

As per the data of the Health Ministry, the number of new infections recorded was 4,273, taking the total to 135,032, and the death toll rose by 637, slightly lower than April 5’s 674 and the lowest number registered since Mar. 24.

But despite the decline in the number of infections and death, the chances of the lockdown being extended are pretty high

Spain has been under a strict lockdown since Mar. 14 and seeing that the crisis ended up being more disastrous than it was in its point of origin, i.e., China, it will only be extended. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has also announced that with parliamentary approval he will ensure that the lockdown is extended by two weeks, during which the country will remain in its current state of emergency.

But during this extended lockdown, the government will be re-starting some of the activities like construction so as to leave the excess pressure on the nation’s economy. Spain’s government has also deployed the military’s biggest peace-time operation till date by calling on some 7,000 personnel from the armed forces, to lessen the pressure on health services. 16 temporary hospitals are being set up by the soldiers, who are also getting in medical gear from China and transporting patients.

A 100 billion-euro ($108 billion) stimulus package has also been announced by the government to lift the hard-hit economy of the country. Certain payment obligations for self-employed workers and small- and medium-sized companies have also been waived temporarily.

But even though the authorities are making some attempts to restore normality to Spain, the population of the country is not satisfied with the manner the government has dealt with the crisis. According to a GAD3 poll published by Spanish ABC, only 27.7% of voters approve the administration’s actions as of now. 

coronavirus COVID-19 Italy - medical worker in protective gear A medical worker in protective gear (C) tends to a patient on March 24, 2020 at the new COVID 3 level intensive care unit for coronavirus COVID-19 cases at the Casal Palocco hospital near Rome, during the country's lockdown aimed at stopping the spread of the COVID-19 (new coronavirus) pandemic. ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP via Getty Images