Even with preventive measures imposed by the government, coronavirus cases in the U.K. rose dramatically in just a single day. On March 19, the total number of people confirmed to be infected with Covid-19 rose sharply by 24.5 percent. Even more worrying is the fact that the death toll for the same period rose sharply by 31.7 percent.

A total of 643 new coronavirus cases were recorded on Mar. 19, according to Daily Mail. This brings total recorded cases of infection to 3,269 people up from the 2,626 recorded on March 18.

Deaths due to the virus posted a sharp increase. From a total of 104 fatalities, 33 new deaths were recorded on Mar. 19 bringing the total number of deaths due to the Covid-19 in the U.K. to 137 people.

However, there are concerns that the actual number of cases could be higher than official records. At the moment, health officials are only testing patients in the hospital and have not tested the thousands more who exhibited symptoms of the infection but chose to self-isolate at home.

Government officials say that the best estimate they could offer is that there might be 1,000 COVID-19 cases for every single death. This suggests that there might already be 140,000 cases in the U.K., most of which remain unreported.

There are now 266 recorded cases of COVID-19 in Scotland. Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon recently confirmed three additional deaths bringing the country’s total fatalities to six.

In addition, Sturgeon confirmed 39 more patients were tested positive for the coronavirus bringing the country’s total number of cases to 266. However, the Prime Minister said that the figure is “'likely to be an underestimate” as there are likely cases that remain unreported to health authorities.

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland just confirmed its first death due to the coronavirus. The patient is described to be elderly with an “underlying medical condition.”

“I would once again appeal to everyone to play their part in fighting the spread of this virus,” Northern Ireland’s Health Minister Robin Swann said. There are now 68 cases in the country.

Public Health Wale (PHW) incident director for COVID-19 confirmed that there are now 170 patients infected with the pathogen. Two patients have already died due to the infection.

London appears to be the worst-hit area in the U.K. More than 900 coronavirus cases have already been reported in the capital.

But despite the coronavirus threat, Londoners still go to bars and cafes. “This is not social distancing, it is irresponsible behavior and the price to pay for such selfishness will be severe for us all,” Health minister Nadine Dorries reacted when she saw images of packed bars and cafes.

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