A couple grieving over the death of their eight-year-old girl has been arrested for allegedly taking the corpse of the child on a road trip across America.

The couple was identified as Aleksander Kurmoyarov and Mandie Miller, both allegedly wanting to spend time with their daughter who died three months ago.

Both were arrested by authorities in Mitchell, South Dakota, USA. They were found in a property with a rental van parked outside, loaded with a coffin. They are being charged with a single count of failure to notify of the death of a child, CBS reported.

It was added that the initial warrant for arrest was on suspicion of homicide by abuse but details about when the child had died allegedly varied between the two.

“During an interview with Kurmoyarov, he stated that the juvenile had died in Airway Heights a little before Halloween 2022,” the Mitchell Police Department said in a press release.

It was also learned that the daughter originally died on September 10, 2022, according to Miller.

Further, Kurmoyarov and Miller were also reportedly previously known to cops. This was after police received a notice from a coroner in Davison County.

The Michigan Police Department revealed that the coroner told them that they had been contacted by individuals who planned to travel from Washington State to Pine Ridge with their deceased daughter. The couple was found on the following day.

The MPD added that according to Kurmoyarov, the reason they did now want to tell authorities was that both wanted to spend more time with their child and that he was afraid that they would get in trouble.

The deceased, who has not yet been named, was Miller’s adoptive daughter.

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