A perverted handyman is facing charges after he secretly installed a spy camera and filmed his wife’s naked friend in the shower.

Shaun Little, 29, a married man, opted to help out his wife’s friend, Louise Alexander, 32, when she needed house repairs to be done in her home, Daily Star reported. Instead of just doing the job, Little set up an add-on in the form of a hidden camera capable of live streaming from her bathroom, so the suspect could watch her as she showered.

The victim, Louise, thought Little was “creepy” but she still accepted his offer to help because the latter was persistent in saying that something must be installed in her shower and there were tiling issues that needed to be checked.

Louise stated that she was about to go in the shower so she asked Little if he could wait until she finishes. But Little insisted that it was important that he checks the issue first before she goes in.

“When he was done, he said he wanted to check the sealant on the tiling was waterproof after I’d showered, which was odd,” she said. Louise added that she noticed a tiny black box on the radiator in her shower. She then realised that is was a spy camera and she felt physically sick realizing that she was filmed.

Recording photos or videos of a person committing sexual acts or in a nude or semi-nude state without his/her consent is a criminal act in most places, most especially if the photos or videos are taken in a private place. Such acts may be called violations of privacy or invasion of privacy. However, in other places, the act of capturing an image without consent may be covered under a different law, often known as voyeurism or unlawful surveillance.

Little was arrested once police found naked photographs of Louise on the suspect’s computer. Louise, of Grays, Essex, is a single mom of three. She has two sons, aged 12 and three, and an eight-year-old daughter.

Louise added that she dreads to think what could've happened if she didn't discover the spyware inside her bath. Louise is also glad that the suspect is out of her life.

Just last year, Little pleaded guilty at the Basildon Crown Court to recording a person doing a private act.

Hidden Camera
A bogus fire alarm furnished with a concealed camera was reportedly discovered inside a Sanibel beach bathroom leading to an arrest. This is a representational image. PIXABAY