“Criminal Minds” is all set for a 16th season although it will be shown on Paramount+. It was last shown two years ago and most of the cast is returning.

But for those who followed the series that debuted back in 2005, most of the original cast members are returning except for Matthew Gray Gubler and Daniel Henney.

If one goes way back to the roots of “Criminal Minds,” there were also some original characters to leave the show. One of them is Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) who exited the Behavioral Analysis Unit group in season 12.

That departure was controversial, especially considering Hotchner was one of the original cast members who starred in “Criminal Minds.” Seven main characters debuted in the show in 2005.

Now, most are wondering if Gibson would return to portray the role once more on “Criminal Minds” season 16.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Hotchner’s exit, he was the target of a serial killer in Peter “Mr. Scratch” Lewis (Bodhi Elfman).

Hotch decided to enter the witness protection program to keep him and his son protected while Lewis was on the loose. When “Mr. Scratch” was finally captured, Hotch decided to leave BAU and focus on bringing up his son Jack.

Hence with “Mr. Scratch” behind bars and his son likely all grown up and possibly independent, it could make sense to bring back Hotch in the fold. However, there are more things to consider.

Gibson was allegedly fired for an on-set altercation. Given that the show is coming back with the same core cast and crew, seeing Hotchner returning may not be a good idea.

Finally, the character of Aaron Hotchner has been written off with showrunners focusing on the current cast. Hence, it may take much to even consider the character from returning given these circumstances.

Thomas Gibson
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