Cristian Castro In Drag For Music Video
The "No Podrás" singer has shocked fans once again, this time dressed in drag in a cheerleader costume for a new music video. Twitter/La_Taquilla

Cristian Castro is no stranger to controversy and shocking his fans. Earlier this year the "No Podrás" singer shared an extremely revealing photo on Twitter. The 39-year-old posed almost nude in a barely there G-string, unkept hair and smiling ear to ear like if he knows he is going to get a "happy ending" with the services to be rendered. The photo went viral soon after and remained a trending topic on the social network for a couple of days. Castro is now back surprising his followers and "came out" last night. "I was finally able to come out of the closet," Castro tweeted. "Thanks to you Ricky! Your speech was a detonator."

Along with the message, Cristian shared a photo of himself dressed in drag as a cheerleader. Turns out he was filming a new music video for Genitallica. "I want to look beautiful and cause envy among women and for them to say, 'Cristian is a hot girl,'" he told Reforma. "[The audience] will see the saiote, and hundreds of things that I want to show them." The publication reports that it took Castro about an hour and a half in hair and make up to get ready. He also shared that he doesn't have a problem what people may say or think following this new antic.

Cristian Castro previously expressed his desire to pose for Playgirl magazine. "I am looking to pose nude in Playgirl, I hope that I can do it soon," he told El Nuevo Día. "I feel that I can retire soon. People love my butt, maybe I'm in the wrong career path." The image went viral in minutes, but that was not the intention the "Azúl" singer had in mind. "I was not going to tweet it, but I saw it at night and I said, 'this is funny, because I look fat, I look kind of crazy and I am raising my little butt,' and I thought it was cute, I didn't find it pornographic nor offensive." Castro has no problem showing off and he actually posed for photographers without the infamous "saiote" when he lost a bet with Facundo. Cristian had been on a promotional blitz for a series of concerts he was performing in Mexico in late January and the main topic had been the scandalous photo. The irreverent radio host, Facundo, challenged the singer to bare it all once again, but this time without his paper thong. Castro agreed to do it and dropped his pants to reveal his bum for the world to see leaving us ill for a second time this month. Check out the NSFW photo here and see more pics here.

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