With the World Cup right around the corner, soccer is a theme magazines and newspapers are trying to incorporate. In this case, Vogue España featured Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo nude with his model girlfriend Irina Shayk. The photograph was taken by Peruvian artist Mario Testino. 

This is the first time we have seen him pose naked, although we have seen him in underwear on many occasions, this is the first time we see him completely nude.

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the world’s best footballer right now and his girlfriend is a supermodel on high demand. This power couple has captured people’s attention.

In other news, Portugal and the United States are both in Group G. They will play on June 22 in Manaus. If United States has one weakness, it would be the player who will attempt to defend Ronaldo.

Here is the scandalous cover of Vogue España in which Ronaldo appears complete naked with his girlfriend.