"Crossbones" has set sail for Puerto Rico; the new NBC series started production in the unincorporated territory of the United States on October 15. "Crossbones" is an upcoming TV series about the life of Edward Teach, the pirate more commonly known as "Blackbeard." The Puerto Rican filming location is perfect to emulate the buccaneering setting of the island of New Providence in The Bahamas. The series is based on the book "The Republic of Pirates" by Colin Woodard and is set to star John Malkovich in the role of the pirate Blackbeard.

"I hope Puerto Rico feels honored by the work we'll do here," Malkovich said at a press conference in San Juan with Puerto Rico's Governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla. According to Puerto Rican authorities, the filming of "Crossbones" on the island will inject $29.4 million into the economy while creating some 1,500 jobs. The economy will most certainly feel a boost, as the first season of filming for "Crossbones" will take around 5 months on location around the towns of Luquillo, Fajardo and Old San Juan. While creating an influx of jobs, local communities and towns will receive a financial enhancement due to the increased traffic in their local eateries and shops. 

"This production strengthens the image of the 'All-Star Island," which has "great professionals as actors, doubles and technicians" and offers "an extraordinary scenic beauty," Garcia Padilla said. Padilla's administration has been attempting to attract movie ad television productions to the island, and it seems they have been successful. During this fiscal year, which began last July, at least eight films will be shot in Puerto Rico, which will mean some $56.7 million in additional revenues for the island's economy, Garcia Padilla said.

In addition to the monetary gain for Puerto Rico, many locals will be getting their big break in the "Crossbones" TV series. Demetrio Fernandez, the executive director of the Puerto Rico Film Commission & Corp., revealed that 48 Puerto Rican actors will take part in the NBC produced series.


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