Hospital Explosion In Mexico
A hospital explosion in Mexico has a toll of seven people dead, including four babies and dozens more injured. Twitter/RodolfoDorantes

Mexico woke up with devastating news when a gas blast occured at a children's hospital in Cuajimalpa that has left several dead and many more injured. Fausto Lugo, the city's civil defense director, that there have been at least seven people dead, which include four babies. Lugo also confirmed to ForoTV that a total of 37 people have been left injured and are being attended in different hospitals. José Martinez, spokesperson for Mexico City's mayor, said 52 people have been rescued with 25 of those being treated for injuries. "There's more people inside, under the bricks," he said. The President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, has weighed in on the news and tweeted out a message. "My sadness and solidarity to the injured and to the relatives of those who lost their lives this morning," he wrote.

The explosion ocurred around 7:15 this morning when a pipe that was supplying fuel to the kitchen area. Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera cited that 54 people were injured, which included 22 children, with most injuries being minor and caused by the flying glass. "The truck must have had some failure, the hose and that's what caused the explosion," Mancera said. The fire continued as firefighters waited for the remaining gas to burn off, so a risk of another explosion didn't occur. "The hose broke. The two gas workers tried to stop it, but they were very nervous. They yelled for people to get out," Laura Diaz Pacheco, a laboratory technician, told AP. "Everyone's initial reaction was to go inside, away from the gas. Maybe as many as 10 of us were able to get out ... The rest stayed inside."

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