“The Curse Of Oak Island” has been renewed by History, and while there’s no announcement when its filming will begin, recent photos showed that Rick and Marty Lagina are already back on the island to resume their explorations with the team. This will be the series’ seventh season, and it is expected to pick up from where the last season ended. 

Season 6 concluded in April, and photos posted by a local resident, Karen Publicover, on her Facebook page called “Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway” revealed that there are ongoing activities around the swamp. Prior to this, on June 10, she uploaded pictures of trucks with equipment arriving on the island, which only means that “The Curse Of Oak Island” is back to filming after a short break. 

Publicover mentioned that while some of the trucks are familiar, the rest are new and the types that she’d never seen before. This seems to suggest that the team is preparing to do something they have not done yet like navigating the caves, underground chambers and other areas that have not been explored. 

The Lagina brothers and their team are convinced that they are close to solving the 224-year-old mystery, especially after finding an anomaly when they scanned the ocean floors under the swamp. They previously saw an image of what looks like a sunken ship, and they will check this out in the show’s seventh season broadcast. They think that this vessel is one of the places where the treasures were buried.

Publicover also shared that based on what she can see, the team is also working on building the cofferdam and maybe expanding its coverage. When built, it will be easier to inspect the Smith’s Cove and the swamp so they can find the path to the Money Pit. 

“The Curse Of Oak Island” Season 7 has not announced any release date yet, but there are reports that the show will premiere in November. History Channel ordered a total of 36 episodes for this season, which means that it will be longer than the previous ones. The sixth installment only featured 22 episodes.

The Curse of Oak Island Official cover photo of 'The Curse of the Oak Island.' The Curse of Oak Island/Facebook