Daddy Yankee ‘La Noche Es De Los Dos’: Watch New Music Video Featuring Natalia Jiménez [VIDEO]

Daddy Yankee and Natalia Jiménez
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Daddy Yankee premiered his new music video "La Noche de los Dos" featuring Spanish singer Natalia Jiménez. The song is the artist's new single out of his number one selling album "Prestige" which was released in September, 2012.

The video was in charge of award-winning director Jessy Terrero, who yet again managed to create another work of art. Terrero is also known for some of Daddy Yankee's previous videos such as "Pose," "Rompe," and most recently, "Limbo," which just became VEVO Certified after surpassing 100 million views.

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Filmed in Los Angeles, the video sets the scene in a night club, where some ladies challenge the men to see who really owns the night. The mix of Natalia Jiménez's sexy curves and Daddy Yankee's casual but elegant style is an explosive combination that brings sensuality, energy and rhythm to the video.

Although Natalia Jiménez is European, she totally brings the Latin swag to the song and the video, with hip movements, the right attitude, and the ability to blend her pop and ballad sound into a genre that she had never tried before. She described her experience with Daddy Yankee, one of the pioneers of the urban genre, as an "unforgettable experience."

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"Working with Daddy Yankee and his team was so much fun. We had a great time filming the video. I'm so happy that he invited me to be apart of this incredible song, 'La Noche De Los Dos.' The song is sexy, daring, it makes people want to dance, we're going to surprise everyone with this. It's so different from anything I've done up until now, and it was an unforgettable experience working with him." Explained the Spanish songstress.

Thrilled to see his vision come to light, Daddy Yankee explains how he's proud that he followed his musical ear and brought Natalia on the song.

"From the get-go, I knew I wanted Natalia on this song, first and foremost for her talent, but also for her charisma and beauty. She was the perfect singer for this, and I wasn't wrong. Now that I've seen the video and final product, I know that it will have the support from both our fans. For her, it was the first time she collaborated with an urban artist, and I'm grateful that she accepted my invitation, I know her fans will enjoy seeing this side of her," revealed Yankee.

Watch the video here and let us know what you think!

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