Daddy Yankee just premiered his music video for his single “Shaky Shaky” on YouTube. “Shaky Shaky” is another unique musical formula in the career of “The Big Boss,” one of the most popular artists of the urban genre in the world. The song was released in April 2016 and instantly captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of the artist’s followers.

To make the video, Daddy Yankee took a more creative approach and asked for his fandom, known as #DYArmy to help out by posting videos dancing the “Shaky Shaky.” Eventually, dance groups caught on and posted their videos of how they thought the dance should be, and after reviewing them all, the “Shaky Shaky” was born. The dance is fairly easy to learn, but you just gotta be sure to include a lot of hip movements and you’re ready to go!

Daddy Yankee Daddy Yankee just premiered the music video for his single "Shaky Shaky" and here are 5 reasons why you have to watch it, plus the full music video! Getty

Here are 5 reasons why you can’t miss Daddy Yankee’s “Shaky Shaky” video:

1) It’s contagious: “Shaky Shaky” has become one of the most contagious songs Daddy Yankee has released until now. It’s not only catchy, but the lyrics are also easy to remember. If you repeat the song over and over while you’re in your car, for example, you won’t stop singing it the whole day. It might or might not have happened to us.

2) It’s an instant hit: This single became an instant hit once it was released on the radio and digital platforms back in April. It reached number one on Spotify’s “Viva Latino” playlist. However, you’ll be surprised that this was actually a freestyle that wasn’t supposed to become a song! In reality, Daddy Yankee presented this freestyle rap to his producers DJ Urba and Rome to do their first Facebook Live back then from their studios in Puerto Rico. The melody caught on and they decided to record it, which happened all in one take.

3) It’s a viral sensation: “Shaky Shaky” not only became an instant hit among music lovers and the #DYArmy, but also became a viral sensation. In less than 12 hours after the song was released, over 200,000 people created fan videos for the song in the app.

4) #ShakyChallenge: After the whole world uploaded videos of their version of the “Shaky Shaky” dance, including long-time friend and fellow reggaeton artist Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee created the #ShakyChallenge and encouraged his fans to send their videos so they could be featured in the official music video, which they are!

5) It’s brilliant! The music video, which premiered on Friday, July 15, was shot throughout Miami, New York and Los Angeles. More than 100 dancers participated in the “making of.” The video is great for many reasons: it’s vibrant, it’s family friendly, it’s fun, it’s contagious and it sends the message that music can bring people together from all over the world.