Puerto Rican Superstar Daddy Yankee has joined forces with global dance powerhouse Zumba Fitness and they created the hit "Hula Hoop" that came out March 3 and is already captivating everybody.

The "Hula Hoop" video was launched on Daddy Yankee’s Facebook and the song is a catchy, innovative track inspired on his major hit "Shaky Shaky" but with a great twist that remind us to the singer's 90's era back in his hometown.

On the video, you can see Zumba creator, Beto Perez, along multiple dancers on top of a zumba stage and making provocative and sporty moves that definitely will get you grooving.

"This is a track I made by popular request. The fans asked me on my social media platforms to create a track off the 'Hula Hoop' hook on 'Shaky Shaky.' They asked for it, and I gave it to them. It's incredible how easily I can listen to my fans ideas, and respond! It (social media) really helps artists have a clear idea of what they (the fans) want and expect from us" said Daddy Yankee.

The singer has already been in the spotlight on the fitness area before since he has inspired Zumba lovers to use his songs to burn some calories. 

Now is your turn, put on your sporty outfit and enjoy this new track that definitely will be a hit. Check the choreography on the video and turn your zumba beat on.