Daily Routine For Success: 6 Tips, Tricks From Coach Stacia Pierce On Business, Life

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What is it about successful entrepreneurs that makes them achieve impressive feats? Thanks to Stacia Pierce, now you can dominate your dreams. Founder and the host of The Women’s Success Conference and CEO of Life Coach 2 Women, Pierce has grown her business from the ground up. Crediting her routines and rituals to where she is today.

Empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to manifest their dreams through daily habits, Pierce’s self-guided journal is packed with prompts, activity sheets and pages to write your way to success. Teaming up with best-selling author Jack Canfield to co-author a new book, The Big Secret, Stacia Pierce is consistently gaining momentum in her business and career.

Success Journal Stacia Pierce Success Journal. Photo: Courtesy

How does she accomplish so much? Discover the different, daily routines she practices that inspire success:

  • Use your voice. 

There is a power in your words – they are containers that carry commands out into atmosphere. Jot down some affirmations around your home and office for constant inspiration. When your mind is interrupted by negative thoughts, answer with mantras from those sticky notes. Take the time to pause, find a note, and read it aloud. The more you speak these affirmations, the more confidence you will manifest.

  • Increase your knowledge.

Take trips to the bookstore for relevant reading materials – never stop learning. Listening to an hour of success coaching information each day for the past 25 years, Pierce deeply believes keeping the mind and spirit full of valuable information will not only stretch your mind, it will evolve your thinking.

  • Talk about purpose, not just people.


 Save the drama for your mama. It’s easy to get sucked into discussing gossip in casual conversation, but ditch that attitude and focus on uplifting, empowering talks of purpose. Find a way to shift the conversation back to a positive light. Cultivate good conversations – go on purpose dates with friends and only talk about good things that are happening.
  • Spend time writing. 

Having your goals, vision and daily ideas all in one place is key. To increase manifestation, Pierce designed the Success Journal with all of these pages already inside. When you start to write out your weekly vision, you can review your goals and pencil in ideas all at the same time.

  • Give over and above. 

Initiate the power of giving by leaving big tips at restaurants, giving gifts to friends, family, your team, and others, and donating money to important causes. When you give back, you’ll start to experience more increase flowing to you. Not only will it bring you joy, you’ll activate the power of wealth in both your life and business.

  • Having a routine matters.

Whether that means getting a decent amount of sleep, writing daily gratitude lists, or keeping an organized space, practicing healthy habits is the difference between those who are successful and the many treading water in the hectic world of being an entrepreneur.

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