Unless there is a hard-to-resist offer that would tempt him, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is hardly paying attention to the NFL trade deadline set for Nov. 1.

Compared to other teams who are likely to take a look at their rosters and see if they would need to address some position problems, Jones does not appear to be worried about it when he spoke on 105.3 The Fan via the Dallas Morning News.

“Absolutely nothing that involves a name of a player or a position that I’m seriously looking at at this moment,” Jones said.

However, the NFL executive also made it clear that anything is possible if any deal pitched to them would make them a better team.

“Not one move. But could that change in 30 minutes? Of course it could. And always looking to get better. But I think the reality of the situation, I would say there’s not one,” the 80-year-old quipped.

However, there are many precedents to consider. Even if a big name comes their way, Jones explains that they would still have to consider other things such as that player’s fit and if it would have salary cap implications.

“You first of all look at the player as to how he fits. I’m not even going to say skill level. I’m going to say a combination of skill and how he fits with what you’re trying to do in your system. If he comes from a similar system or concept of offense or defense, then that’s one thing that might get your attention,” Jones said.

The only thing sure is that the Cowboys won’t initiate any trade move. Hence, Jones will just wait to see if his phone rings and listen. Beyond that, it all boils down to whether the person on the other line can convince him to enter a trade. Based on how Jones was talking, it will take a lot for a trade to go down.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones Getty Images | Richard Rodriguez

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