David beckham
Former soccer star and model David Beckham had a blast in Mexico City! Instagram/DavidBeckham

After celebrating his 40th birthday surrounded by friends and family at one of north Africa's most exclusive hotels, Amanjena, in Morocco, former soccer star David Beckham continued the celebration six days later in Mexico City with a mariachi band, Mexican food and reportedly, some tequila. The news about Beckham being in DF broke through his personal Instagram, which broke records on his milestone birthday. The retired footballer now holds the record for the world's fastest growing Instagram account after managing to get 5.6 million followers in under a week.

The former Real Madrid star went out to dinner with close friend Eva Longoria and boyfriend José Bastón (President of Televisa.) Beckham’s main reason to be in Aztec soil is he’s allegedly filming a movie there. As the good sportsman that he is, the videos show him standing up to a classic Mexican cantina challenge called “toques” which involves enduring electric shocks while holding hands and passing them on to your other companions. We also got glimpses of Becks shaking his shoulders to the rhythm of the music.

The fun night took place in the prestigious neighborhood of Polanco at the Cantina No. 20 who also wasted no time to upload photos and videos of the star enjoying himself.

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