David Bisbal is finally back! The Almeria singer's anticipated comeback is finally here. It’s been two years since the crooner released his last production, and this new album was long overdue.

With "Hijos del Mar," a very personal album for the singer, he returns to the scene bringing music he made inspired by meditation, and wrote along with composers he met on his last trips to France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and USA.

Bisbal worked with these amazing authors to make a different sound where the can be heard like never before. David flies from strong musical sounds to interesting whispering notes that contribute to give this material a new face of the Spanish artist. A couple weeks ago, we listened to the first single of this production, "Antes Que No," a very catchy pop song that perfectly shows the soul of the album. 

However, Bisbal explained the album has a spiritual meaning with the influence of modern beats. This is his most international album so far, where Bisbal, intentionally or not, abandons his Spanish Music Roots completely and performs very compelling vocals.  

"Lo Tenga O No," "Camino A La Verdad," and "Una Palabra," are clearly the greatest songs, ballads that makes us remember why David is an organic singer and walks his way to be a legend in the Latin industry. Meanwhile "Hijos Del Mar," which gave the album its name, is an up-tempo single and a great element for the album. 

"Mi Norte Es Tu Sur," definitely the one we suggest as the next single, is an attractive, strongly electronic-influenced love song that would hit the charts with great acceptance.

7/10 for "Hijos del Mar." Keep up the good work Bisbal!