In the sports world, the team crowned as champion at the end of each season gets to go to the white House and be honored and recognized by the president. This time around it was the Boston Red Sox’s turn. They won the 2013 World Series. Before last season, the Red Sox had already won two Fall Classics but none of them happened with Obama in office. The team presented him with a custom jersey featuring Obama’s name and No. 44 on the back to honor the 44th president.

David Ortiz Selfie being taken. Seen from a different angle. Twitter/@Linda_Pizzuti David Ortiz Red Sox pose in picture with Obama Reuters

There were obviously professional photographers that wanted to take pictures of the event but Big Papi requested to take a photo with his personal camera phone before they took an official one. That is how the selfie was made. There could be a debate on which selfie is the best of 2014. Let’s not forget about the Ellen Degeneres selfie at the Oscars. Now think about it. Which one is your favorite? 

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