Dayna Morales, a waitress at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, N.J., and veteran of the United States Marine Corps, made headlines last month after a table she served left her a note instead of a tip on her copy of their receipt. "I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life," the note said. “I was rather offended, mad," Morales said. "I didn't know how to react to that. I never thought that would ever happen." Morales later took the events of the night to the Facebook page "Have A Gay Day," where she vented about her situation.

After publishing the incident on social media, many people sympathized with her and began sending generous tips her way. However, after hearing all the buzz that Dayna caused, the couple who allegedly left the homophobic note came forward. They spoke in condition of anonymity to NBC 4 New York and told them their receipt looked exactly like the one Dayna had posted online, but there was one difference: they had left a generous tip and even provided what they said was a credit card statement as proof. 

The couple said they came forward because the story of the receipt note was still making rounds on social media, and Morales even announced she was receiving tips from all over the world and was donating the money to the Wounded Warrior Project. "I just felt like people have a right to know that -- it's fine if people want to donate to her or to the Wounded Warriors, but they're doing it under a false pretense," the wife said. New reports claim that the charity hasn’t received the alleged money yet. A representative of the Wounded Warrior Project could not confirm Morales had made any donations as of Wednesday, Dec. 4.

The representative for the nonprofit group checked for donations by Morales’ name and within the ZIP codes for Bridgewater, N.J., where she worked, and Bedminster, where Morales said she lives, and was unable to locate any correlating donations. The donations may have been made from a different ZIP code or by a third-party, according to the Bridgewater Patch. The restaurant where Dayna works, said at the time it would match her donation and send it to the LGBT foundation of Morales’ choice. Restaurant CEO Jack Yang told New Jersey 101.5 that she set up the PayPal account and he does not know what became of donations. He added that they are holding onto a number of donations sent to the restaurant.

NBC News reported that a Pentagon source said Morales was dismissed from the Marine Reserve Corps in May because she was not attending drills and that she was discharged under “less than honorable” conditions. A spokesman for the marines said he couldn’t comment on that because administrative actions are not releasable. However, several of Morales’ acquaintances question her credibility. Kristina Calamusa, a former friend of Morales, told The Daily Caller late last month that the waitress claimed to her that she was “blown up by a land mine overseas,” but Morales was never on active duty.

Other lies that Dayna has told, are that she was serving in Afghanistan and survived an explosion that killed everyone but her, but there’s no indication in her record of combat service in Afghanistan or Iraq. She has also said that her dad raped her and got her pregnant, but then she got cervical cancer, which killed the baby. Morales later admitted she made that up. Another lie told by Morales was that her house was severely damaged by Superstorm Sandy and a boat tore through her living room. But friends who stopped by only saw minor damage to the carpet.