Crime Scene
Police: Boy Murdered While Walking Home From School, 'This Is A Tragedy" Shutterstock/ Fer Gregory

A married couple was reportedly found dead by authorities stabbed to death on Sunday, Mar. 6 at the corner of North Wild Olive Avenue and Riverview Boulevard.

The victims were identified as Terry Aultman and Brenda Aultman, both of Daytona beach who was killed in an early morning attack, The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported.

Both died at the scene within minutes after a 911 call was made around 2:00 a.m. Both suffered multiple stab wounds and lacerations according to police.

Detectives spoke to the man who made the 911 call and also a woman who happened to be at the scene.

"Both claim they found the man lying face down on his chest and the woman lying face up her back in a grassy area next to the sidewalk at the southeast corner of Wild Olive and Riverview," a press release read.

In the call, the man told 911 that he found two people possibly dead and that there was blood everywhere. There were reportedly two bicycles at the scene and both were processed for evidence.

Police were able to secure video footage from a neighbor who lived on North Wild Olive. Unfortunately, the incident happened at the corner of North Wild Olive and Riverside Boulevard that was out of view of the camera of Susanne Odena.

“It didn’t capture the murders,” Odena said. “Evidently it captured somebody in the area. Somebody with white pants and a backpack, but couldn’t tell too much about it. They were going to enhance it with their equipment."

It appears the neighborhood has had to endure with rowdy people and nose from Seabreeze which was a few blocks away. It appears the city had just ordered that bars close down at 2:00 a.m. to maintain the peace of people residing there as well as the area.

A person of interest who could be behind the incident is said to be a man of unknown race, wearing white or light-colored pants and carrying a backpack. The motive behind the killing remains unknown as of this writing.

Crime Scene
Image Shutterstock/ Fer Gregory

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