Demi Lovato did not hold her words and slammed Time magazine after they revealed their "Person of the Year" with the women that have broken their silence on sexual abuse. The "Confident" singer had an issue with the publication having Donald Trump as a runner-up to the #MeToo movement calling out the hypocritical decision. As you remember, the current White House resident has been accused of sexual assault in the past and Lovato thinks this undervalues exactly what these women are denouncing.

"Time magazine highlights brave women coming forward against sexual assault on the cover but names a man with sexual assault allegations against him runner-up "Person of the Year". Really Time?", Demi wrote in the first of a series of tweets. She ended that initial message using the hashtag "hypocrites".

In a second tweet she reminded her followers that she would not talk about politics, but this was too much to just let go. "I've become less vocal about my disdain for certain people over the past year because it only divides our country even more, but this is worth speaking up about," she wrote. Lovato then directly told the publication that she found it "very disappointed in their hypocrisy and disrespect toward the women on their cover".

Demi Lovato concluded her tweets with the following message: "To be named POTY by Time should be for doing something positive or brave LIKE the women on the cover. It’s annoying that it’s just about impact on the news."

This is not the first time Demi stands up to Trump. Back at the end of January of this year, when Trump had just taken office he took to Twitter to throw shade at Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who had spoken out against his travel ban. "Nancy Pelosi and Fake Tears Chuck Schumer held a rally at the steps of The Supreme Court and mic did not work (a mess)-just like Dem party," Trump wrote. Lovato fired back writing: "ow about you stop dividing our country into two parties and unite us like a president should. I'm just sad that we can't all come together regardless of sex, race, religion, political party.. etc. we need to now more than ever."

Demi Lovato is one to make a stand and support minorities. At the American Music Awards this year, the former Disney-star took Danica Roem as her plus one. Roem is the first openly transgender state legislator. “We connected because I heard her story. I was just completely inspired by that,” Lovato told E! during the red carpet. “My story with ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is about bullying, and I wanted to have her in the audience with me tonight because I feel like we’ve been through some of the same things and now we get to share this experience together.”

Roem also told E!: "I’m also really grateful Demi has spent her career advocating for people who need a voice when they feel voiceless. She really understands what you look like, where you come from, who you worship or who you love you really should be welcomed and celebrated for who you are, not in spite of."