It seems that there might be some sort of a flashback in “Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba” Chapter 193. Based on some spoilers found on Reddit, an unexpected event might drastically affect the fighting prowess of the powerful demon Muzan.

“Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba” Chapter 193 will start with very confident of beating Tanjiro. After all, he knows that Tanjiro is much weaker compared to Yoriichi. “Muzan was saying that Tanjiro’s strength is not even close to Yoriichi and there was nothing to worry about,” wrote Reddit user Kakai910, who have read the untranslated scans of the chapter.

In the midst of his fight against Tanjiro, something happens that will worry even the most powerful demon,” Muzan realized something was wrong with his body,” Kakai910 added. “He thought Tamayo just injected the medicine to turn demons back to humans but there was something else.”

Due to the changes he noted happening to his body, Muzan will recall an incident that happened years ago, back to the day when he killed Tamayo. “Muzan asks Tamayo what she injected to her,” the Redditor wrote. “Tamayo said ‘why do I have to tell you’,”

The demon will eventually figure out what the medicine’s effect is. “Muzan realized the medicine was to age demons so Muzan was slowly getting older and older Muzan was saying he got 90 years (Edit: sorry it was 9000 years) older than before (I think that’s what he said),” Kakai*910 added. “He also said that that’s why his hair won’t turn back to black.”

Previously, Tanjiro speculated that the thirteenth form might actually be just a combination of all twelve forms executed consecutively. Thus, “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” Chapter 193 is expected to finally feature Tanjiro trying to execute the move.

However, there are doubts if Tanjiro possesses enough strength to successfully pull it off because of his massive injury where a portion of his brain can even be seen sticking out from his right eye. In fact, even Tanjiro doubted himself. “Can I do what Yoriichi himself couldn’t?” he asked.

But with Muzan weakened by Tamayo’s medicine, there might still be a chance for Tanjiro to, at least, evenly fight against the demon. “Demon Slayer” Chapter 193 releases on Feb 9.

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