A woman has turned to paranormal investigators for help after seeing a 'demon' standing over her granddaughter's bunk.

Tory McKenzie of Las Vegas installed a motion-activated camera at her son Ryan's home after her two-year-old granddaughter Amber began conversing with an unknown entity in the middle of the night.

Tory checked the video footage a few days later and was surprised to see a figure standing just inches apart from her young granddaughter and seven-month-old grandson Michael.

Since it has spikes on its head, the grandmother automatically assumed it was the devil or a ghost.

An online tabloid said Tory took aback when she saw the video and had to take a second look.

"The first thing I saw was horns on its head, so you immediately think it's the devil or a demon," she said.

Tory said she dashed down to the kids' house and showed them the film. Her 13-year-old son, she said, was frightened by the video. According to Tory, everybody was just stunned.

"We have still shots of him in there and it looks nothing like that. I know that it's something supernatural," the grandmother said.

Ryan, according to Tory, has pushed the kids out of their bed and into his. She went on to state that nothing bad has happened to them yet, but she is worried about the prospect.

Tory says the two-year-old is unconcerned about the demonic figure and assumes it is a friend. The toddler, however, asked this figure to go away.

When she attempted to exorcise the demonic spirit by burning chemicals, she says the cabinets and curtains opened and closed on their own, and music started to play by itself.

Tory also added Ryan has offered her the freedom to find out where she needs to go with this. As a result, news.com.au said she decided to share it on Facebook in the hopes of receiving some assistance.

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"Ryan has let me try and figure it out where to go with this, so I thought I should post it on Facebook to try and get some help," she said.

She emphasized that she is not technologically gifted enough to fake the shot. Tory mentioned that she had no plans to post the photo on her own website. As a result, it's not as though she was attempting to attract attention to the post.

Tory claims that her son's house, which he shares with wife Alicia Johnson, is only about 20 years old, so she's shocked it may be haunted.

GettyImages-631057204 WALDKIRCHEN, GERMANY - JANUARY 05: Locals dressed as "Perchten", a traditional demonic creature in German and Austrian Alpine folklore, parade through the town center during the annual "Rauhnacht" gathering on January 5, 2017 in Waldkirchen, Germany. The "Rauhnaechte" nights are the time in between Christmas and Epiphany when winter is at its darkest and its evil spirits most prevalent. January 5, the last night before Epiphany, marks the end of the period, and in a tradition dating back to 1725 locals in Waldkirchen dressed as Perchten, witches, devils and other demonic beings parade through the streets in a final show of force before they retreat to let winter ebb. Johannes Simon/Getty Images