Russell Wilson
Broncos QB Russell Wilson Getty Images

Russell Wilson says “he’s ready to rock” for the Broncos' upcoming game against the Jaguars on Sunday and it certainly seems that way, as he was on the team’s 8-hour flight to London doing high knees up and down the aisles and stretching as teammates tried to sleep.

“Everybody was knocked out, I was doing high knees and working on all my legs and everything else, making sure I’m ready to rock. So that was good,” Wilson told reporters.

If Russell Wilson does in fact play on Sunday that means he would have only missed one game with a hamstring injury. Veteran quarterback Brett Rypien will return to his backup role if Wilson does return. The Broncos have struggled all season long, in part due to Wilson’s subpar play.

Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett also said Russell Wilson was “trending” in the direction of playing on Sunday.

The Broncos are 2-5 and dead last in the AFC West. Denver's offense has been abysmal and Wilson signed an extension that makes him the second-highest-paid quarterback by yearly average. Looking for a spark, the Broncos are trying out a new uniform combination in the hopes it will lead to some positive energy.

A lot has gone wrong this season for the Broncos, perhaps new uniforms and the return of their starting quarterback can help change their fortunes.

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