Did Christian Chavez Attempt Suicide? Singer Says Twitter Photos A Joke, Family Confirms His ‘Extreme Crisis' [VIDEO]

Christian Chávez
Did the singer and actor really attempt suicide/ Or was it a practical joke? According to a close family member, the photos are no joke and he's going through a terrible personal crisis. twitter.com

Mexican singer and actor Christian Chávez has worried fans after he posted photos of himself on Twitter with captions that led people to believe he was going to commit suicide. The images show Chávez laying on his floor with blood on his arms. The actor also appeared to have what looks like large gashes in his wrists. Another image showed the ex-RBD singer lying on his floor with his eyes closed and a bottle of alcohol next to his head. "I just want to say to all you people with a double moral...no more," wrote Chávez on his Twitter page.

After the hashtags "ChristianChavezTeAmamos" and "StayStrongChris" went viral on social media, Chávez removed the photos from his Twitter page. A friend of the ex-RBD singer tried to play the entire incident off as a joke. The photos appear to be fake and Chávez is believed to not have actually cut his wrists in the pictures. It seems to be more of an artist's statement than an actual suicide attempt. However, the Chávez family spoke with Verónica Bastos, a Mexican reporter for Univision's "Sal y Pimienta" and "El Gordo y La Flaca." A close family member to Chávez said to Bastos that the pictures were no joke, and that he posted them during a very difficult moment in his life and that Chávez is indeed going through "an extreme crisis."

Chávez, who allegedly tried to commit suicide in Los Angeles, is back home with his family in Mexico City working through his issues and according to Bastos, going through an unexplained "rehab." This is not the first time the singer has made headlines. Back in May of 2013, the Telenovela and pop star was accused by an ex-boyfriend of trying to stab him to death. Chávez's ex took out a restraining order against the actor before the stabbing incident. The reasoning behind the order is unknown. The former RBD singer and his ex were reported to have gotten into a heated argument when the alleged attempted stabbing took place. Police arrived to find Chávez's ex hiding in the bathroom. Chavez was brought up on charges, but was not prosecuted due to lack of evidence. Chávez has not made a public statement about his Twitter "suicide" photos.

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