James Franco Selena Gomez
James Franco and Selena Gomez have remained good friends since the worked together on the movie "Spring Breakers." Getty

After months of a rumored romance between Dj Zedd and Selena Gomez, pal James Franco has put all of the murmur to rest by announcing he and Gomez had a baby! But don’t get too excited, it’s only a joke. A picture of Selena was taken while filming an AMBI Group-produced movie, where she plays Lisa London, a young mother and the daughter-in-law of a migrant worker. The picture shows the Disney alum in character, holding a baby (which really suits her!) and Franco posted it on his Instagram, which he jokingly captioned “Selene and I had a baby. It was born during Sprang Break.”

The two worked together on the Harmony Korine movie, “Spring Breakers,” along with Rachel Korine, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson, and have remained friends ever since. Franco even interviewed Selena for V Magazine, where Gomez graced the cover topless. A response from Selena has yet to surface, even though we’re pretty sure she found the joke pretty funny. Happy April Fools’, Selena… sort of?

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