We all love the good news about Diego Luna bringing some "Mexican spicy vibes" to Hollywood by giving his voice to Moth, a character from the virtual reality series “Rainbow Crow.”

This series is an adaptation of a Lenape Native American tale that tells the story of a very colorful pretty bird that will have to run away from a changing world that turns out dark and this particular animal has to fly away to help the planet to be lighted up again.

This interesting and technological project has John Legend as executive producer and voice of the title character and Randy Edmons as the narrator Kiowa-Caddo tribal elder. Randy is a lifelong crusader for Native American rights and founder of the National Urban Indian Council.

Actress Constance Wu will also be part of the cast of this animated series giving her voice to “Skunk.”

Moth and Skunk are both Rainbow Crow’s companions helping him along his ‘paseo’ to save the jungle in the upcoming episodes.

Visitors to Tribeca’s Virtual Arcade on Tribeca Film Festival could strap on a pair of VR goggles and dive into the magical watercolor forest of the series’ first episode, as exposed on Remezcla.

Rainbow Crow‘s blastoff date hasn’t yet been announced but we can actually believe what's coming is going to be really good and more virtually dynamic as described by RoadTovr on their VR preview.  

Check this detailed trailer below and enjoy Diego’s new promising project.