Gone are the days when Netflix was the lone reigning King of the world of digital streaming. Platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, and Funimation have all joined the race to cater only the best to its audience, which includes various anime titles to cash-in on the worldwide craze for the same. And looks like someone else has also caught on to the idea, as now, there will a whole new streaming platform primarily focusing on anime classics of yesteryear.

Retro Crush, a youtube channel which is known for the hundreds of classic anime videos on its platform, has announced that it will be releasing its official streaming service in 2020 and will focus more classic anime titles in place of the new ones. Of the long list of anime to be featured on the upcoming platform, a few names are “Fist of the North Star”, “Street Fighter 2”, “Lum”, and “Card Captor Sakura”. It is expected that the numerous older anime snippets currently available on Retro Crush’s Youtube channel will be available on the yet-to-be-launched streaming platform, sooner or later.

"RetroCrush is a community built for the consumption and discussion of the Golden Age of Japanese animation, from the perspectives of pop culture, fandom, art, internet memes & more,” reads the official description for Retro Crush on their website.

So, any anime which was released before 2012 will have a place on Retro Crush. Titles like Space Adventure Cobra, The Fist of the North Star, Black Jack, Uresei Yatsura, Captain Harlock will be available on the platform, Also, other works by Leiji Matsumoto, Great Teacher Onizuka, OVAs from the 90s of fighting games, Kaiba, Fushigi Yugi, Mononoke, Hells, etc., will be there. 

As of now, a particular date for the launch of the platform hasn’t been predicted and neither has Retro Crush revealed a released date except for a vague 2020 launch window. 

So, what do you think- will this new, upcoming platform manage to survive and entice viewers in an era which is already brimming with countless streaming services? Is its idea of majorly focusing on classic anime a good, profitable idea?