Marvel Executive Joe Quesada closed down rumors on Disney shutting down Marvel comics through Twitter. A source defends the news, claiming that the original article has been misinterpreted and the news is an imprecise point of the article.

The success of massive Marvel Cinematic Universe is attributed to its original material — the Marvel comics. The fanbase of the comics panicked when news from different sites claimed that the Marvel comics will end.

Quesada ended the rumors and took his frustrations to Twitter. He also called out a site, allegedly the source of the rumor. The executive called the news as “dumbest comic conspiracy” of the week. Read his tweet below.

Bleedingcool, a site dedicated to reviews and updates on comics, TV and movies, defended the earlier published article. The author, Jude Terror, wrote the article, titled “Joe Quesada and C.B. Cebulski Fight For The Survival Of Comics At SXSW.” The article was the one linked to Quesada’s tweet and is assumed to be the source of the rumors.

The article pointed out that comics sales are suffering due to different factors. The article noted comic book retailer Brian Hibbs’ take on comics sales. According to Hibb, the publishers’ marketing strategy to bank in existing readers and different entertaining platforms contributed to the dwindling sales.

Terror particularly quoted Hibbs. “National sales are very poor — there are comics in the national top 100 that aren’t even selling twenty thousand copies,” Hibbs said. “A significant number of stores have closed — perhaps as many as 10% of outlets.”

The article immediately spread online and reportedly caused an online uproar. The fans’ reactions led Quesada to end the rumors. Terror, however, has written a follow-up article, defending the first article.

The writer somehow retaliated, maybe for calling the article out on social media. Terror wrote that his article just summed up what the panel discussed during the SXSW Festival last week. Terror also mentioned that if only the fans have read the whole article and not just the title, then they would have understood.

Terror partly blames the “inaccurate summary” of the article. The author reiterated how Marvel will try to profit from the comics by tricking readers with crossovers and events. The article mentioned again Hibbs disputing the Marvel profit scheme, which could lead to the Marvel comics’ demise. The first article also suggests the potential future of comics that if Marvel pushes through with its marketing campaign and fails, Disney has no reason to continue with publishing comics that no one is buying.

Comics sales in 2018 have been the lowest since 2011.