Steven Avery’s case was placed under the microscope by the release of Netflix’s True Crime documentary series “Making A Murderer.” The series portrayed the haphazard investigation on the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach and the questionable evidence that got Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, convicted.

The widely acclaimed documentary showed the case in a very different perspective, gathering fans from all over the globe to put their minds together and discuss the case. The case has once again made headway, with Avery’s lawyer pushing for a new hearing. As it continues to progress and the evidence called to renew, fans question whether Avery should really be set free.

Fans and followers butt heads on the “Making A Murderer” Reddit page, each giving their own opinions as to whether Avery and Dassey are in fact innocent. A general consensus can immediately be seen that Dasset is innocent, or at least a bystander at the wrong place at the wrong time. Avery, on the other hand, received a more varied response than Dassey’s unified response of innocence.

“I believe he’s likely guilty but [Brendan Dassey] is innocent,” said user PresumingEdsDoll. “But I wouldn’t be surprised if the investigation showed that evidence was tampered with (not that this would necessarily mean Steven was innocent).”

“Agreed, SA likely guilty, BD nothing to do with the murder but might be an unwitting accessory to the clean up,” confirmed user MajorSander5on.

“I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Steven Avery is 100% innocent,” said user sunshine061973. “You DO NOT COERCE an intellectually challenged kid into a false confession that evidence most definitely does not back up if you have ‘the right’ man in custody.”

“Innocent ... Both of them,” commented another user. “I have never seen a case such as this w/ such obvious tampering.”

The divide of responses seems to coincide with the seeming tampering and unreliability of the present evidence. Some fans contend that the evidence may be slightly off, but they argue that Avery’s innocence is still highly debatable. The fans are currently at an impasse until the evidence is once again re-examined and reviewed.

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