Camilla Parker-Bowles is said to share a closer relationship with Meghan Markle than Kate Middleton. While the Duchess of Cornwall considers Meghan an alliance in the royal family, she reportedly does not favor Kate the same way she does the Duchess of Sussex.

When Camilla married Prince Charles in 2005, she did not receive a warm welcome from the British public. How the people hated her at the time was understandable, considering that she was the reason for the fallout of Prince Charles’ marriage to the well-loved Princess Diana.

More than 10 years since her unpopular wedding to Prince Charles, Camilla is now the Duchess of Cornwall and is already very much in tune with her duties as a duchess and a stepmother to Prince Harry and Prince William. In fact, when Prince William announced his engagement to Kate, Camilla stepped up and openly disapproved, pointing out that as the future king of England, he should not be marrying a commoner.

There have been speculations that Camilla has very personal reasons for being aloof to Kate. Royal followers believe that she is a bit resentful — even jealous — of the Duchess of Cambridge because unlike her, Kate was instantly loved by the British public when she married into the royal family. It can be recalled that since she used to be Prince Charles’ mistress, Camilla was hated by everyone in England when she married Prince Charles.

It is said that even in their public outings, Camilla’s distance from Kate is there. However, things are different between her and Meghan, whom she loved the first time she met. “She was warm and welcoming from the start, and as a result, seems to have a slightly better relationship with Meghan than with Kate,” a royal source revealed.

Although Camilla also helped Kate before her wedding day, her support for Meghan when she married Prince Harry was more evident. Camilla’s closeness to Meghan is also pretty much evident when they are in public. In fact, she was photographed holding hands with Meghan a few days before the Duchess of Sussex even became a royal — proof that she’s very fond of her stepson Prince Harry’s ladylove.

Camilla Parker Bowles Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, visits Jasmine Villa Hospice on March 28, 2019, in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Chris Jackson-WPA Pool/Getty Images