A 13-year-old healthy boy died in 2017 no thanks to the savage beating he got from the boyfriend of his mother and older brother. But aside from that, a dog crate where the deceased was reportedly placed was also shown in court.

Jeremiah Valencia was forced to sleep in the dog crate after getting a beating from Thomas Ferguson in Santa Fe in 2017. However, it was reportedly his older brother, Jordan Nunez, that ended up killing him when he repeatedly flipped the cage despite being aware that his 13-year-old brother was inside.

In the end, the body of Jeremiah was burned and left at the side of the road.

Ferguson ended up killing himself in 2018 as a result of the case, leaving Jordan as the one who will have to answer for Jeremiah’s brutal death. After pleading guilty, the 23-year-old is facing 14 to 24 years behind bars.

Aside from the cage, a sledgehammer was also used at the time. In all, Ferguson and Nunez did whatever they could to torture Valencia, allegedly believing he was possessed at the time.

Ferguson and Nunez also used other vile tactics to torture Valencia. That included shocking him with an electric collar, throwing a homemade spear at him and dropping the huge sledgehammer on his hands.

The mother, Tracy Pena, was not spared from her role in the case. She was reportedly in jail at the time of Jeremiah’s death and shared with an inmate what happened and where her son was.

It was here where investigators rushed to check and discovered the gruesome end of Jeremiah.

Pena was jailed for 12 years for failing to prevent the abuse and death of her son.

A hearing in the case is scheduled for Monday while sentencing is scheduled to be made in June.

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