There is a saying that goes something like, "No one will ever love you as much as your dog." Not an exact quote of course, but you get the idea. In the wake of supreme sadness a dog can be one of life's great comforts. But who will be there to comfort a dog when he feels the same sadness?

As rescue and recovery operations began to get underway in the wake of the tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma on Monday, the Oklahoma Country Sheriff's Department made a surprising discovery in the rubble of a destroyed house.

Sheriff's deputies found a small dog standing guard over the body of its owner, protecting its deceased friend from any further harm. The dog was sitting on top of the rubble, its owner buried beneath him.

The scruffy, terrier-looking dog was photographed by the deputies that found him standing guard over his owner. The pic was then tweeted out by the Oklahoma Sheriff's Department and has since gone viral.

The loyal dog stares longingly up at the camera, his big brown eyes betray the fact that he knows something devastating just happened. The deputy took the dog to a shelter and is now going to adopt the devoted dog.

The caption above the photo reads, "The dog was guarding its deceased owner. Taken to shelter deputy plans on adopting."

The loyal dog was lucky to find someone willing to take him in. Many animals were left homeless and abandoned after the tornado hit.

Rescue organizations have begun to take animals to shelters, have set up lost and found stations and are also taking donations in an effort to help the animals suffering in the wake of the tornado.

One heartwarming animal story to come out of the tornado happened when an older woman was describing her ordeal to a reporter. The woman told the reporter that she lost her dog during the tornado and believed he was dead someplace in all the rubble.

As the woman was speaking to the reporter, her dog was wiggling his way up and out of the debris. The woman was shocked to discover her beloved pet had survived. She said that God had answered her prayers when she was reunited with her dog.

Watch the video below.