Dominican Actress Celinés Toribio Had Meaningful Chat With Angelina Jolie Thanks To Their Heels

Actress and Dominican personality Celinés Toribio was invited to a private event to honor the five foreign films nominated to the Golden Globe Awards, where the attendance of the American producer and actress Angelina Jolie was also confirmed. To the surprise of the pair, a very peculiar moment made both women support each other for around three minutes, according to the information shared by the Dominican actress.

With a photo, Celinés immortalized the meeting revealing in her Instagram account details of what had happened. In her post, Toribio said that in those three minutes they both talked about movies, the Dominican Republic and shoes, while holding hands.

Toribio and Jolie's heels got stuck between the cracks of the wooden floor. While they were trying to free the heel, both greeted each other and started talking, quickly realizing that they had a lot in common, in addition of having the shoe stuck. "Nice to meet you," Toribio told Jolie. "Be careful because my left heel is already damaged," she added as a warning. Angelina responded "And my right too. We should've worn sneakers," a comment that provoked the laughter of both.

"I admire you, I respect you and I congratulate you for your contribution as a humanitarian actress, producer and director," continued Toribio. According to her, Jolie thanked her and asked where she was from. Celinés told her that she is from the Dominican Republic, a country Angelina has also visited. "Good. I was there many years ago," recalled Jolie.

"Yes I know. I am an actress and producer of three films and I am motivated to tell stories about women on the big screen," Toribio replied. "I admire what you've done with this movie." Angelina thanked her and added "We are colleagues!" Celinés added that Angelina considers that "we need more women producing and telling our stories."

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